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Your certification is backed by Worldwide Business Intelligence, working in over 50 Countries and recognised by expert bodies globally.


Worldwide Business Intelligence is accredited at the highest level globally, the same as universities, by Education Alliance Finland. 


We actually show coaches, consultants and speakers how to market, sell and grow a sustainable, highly profitable business.

What Being an Octopus Certified Coach Means

Not only will you have great insights into how to Coach. As importantly, we focus on building the business of being a coach, speaker or consultant. This includes:

  • Teaching you how to position, package, market

    and sell your services sustainably

  • Giving you a License to access Award-Winning World Class Non-Curated Content to use with your clients

  • Providing an eco-system for yourself and your clients, if you choose, that gives all of you trusted global connections

Our one and only goal is to see you grow a highly successful, prosperous business where you are well-known, well though of and very successful.

Mike Handcock & Landi Jac

Why You Need The Octopus

Most Coaches, Speakers & Consultants struggle to market and sell their services. In addition, they struggle for new, relevant non-curated bespoke content that will inspire, transform and engage their tribe.

The Octopus is the answer. You could double your revenue, be certified globally and have really intriguing genius to use with clients.

What You Will Recieve 

Here are some of the more informative aspects of being an Octopus Certified Coach

Weekly Meetings

Every Tuesday at 7am GMT we host a LIVE Webinar for all members of the Octopus Tribe. Guests include global experts in Marketing, Sales, Business, Leadership, Coaching & More.

Comprehensive Toolbox

You have access to over 72 Lessons of Content for your clients, plus a complete ed-tech platform for your own resources and to become accredited. It's brilliant.

Global Community

You will gain access to a trusted global community we call 'The Octopus Tribe'. Members have created partnerships and co-creations across borders.

CPD Points

Octopus is a Registered CPD Accreditor. If your clients need CPD points to keep up their qualifications in their industry. They can do so by using our content or being on webinars.

High Relevance 

Content is NOT curated. We update it by running masterminds and co-creation pods in many countries each year, where we solve problems so you have all the answers.

Global Intelligence

What you get is the result of work in over 50 countries with hundreds of thousands of people just like you. Regardless of your race or culture this intelligence is right for you.

Tried & Tested

We have been training coaches, speakers and consultants since 2006 across the world. Our methods are strongly tested which is why we focus on your sustainability & prosperity first.

Ongoing Training

Every month there is a live ongoing webinar/mastermind group that you are part of where you will get your questions answered and access the latest things that work!

Career Path

Once you gain your certification you can upgrade to Professional, Senior and Fellow status within the Worldwide Business Intelligence structure.

Let's Hear What Others Just Like You Are Saying

Interesting & Prosperous!

"This year has helped me streamline my business, give me a focused approach, develop my IP as well as give me huge insight into international business trends -opening doors to new opportunities, global speaking and so much more"

Practical Advice that can move you from one level to the next

"Clear, concise and practical! Who would have known that you could cover and get so much done in so little time!"

I saw Great Results

"They helped me to identify and communicate the value that I offer and helped me to reposition myself to work with my best clients. In this short time, I have had more business and better paying business than I have for the last two years."

It was an eye opening experience

"Throughout the years they has shared multiple ideas with key actionable steps with me.Some of these ideas have contributed to tens of thousands of dollars of sales."

The Creators of Worldwide Business Intelligence

The Content for Certified Octopus Coaches has been created by Landi Jac and Mike Handcock, in conjunction with some of the world's most well-respected educators. It is based on years of travelling the world and seeing what doesn't work and what ultimately does work in the business of building a career as an expert.

    Landi Jac

    Global Director Worldwide Business Intelligence

    Landi Jac is an award-winning business pioneer, prosperity expert and world traveller who uses the intelligence that she teaches to live a life of Prosperity, Freedom and Purpose. With a history of extensive travel to more than 50 countries, she has consulted with top executives and leaders worldwide. 

    Mike Handcock

    Chairman Circle of Excellence Group

    Mike Handcock is one in 38 speakers out of over 55,000 globally to be awarded the Certified Speaking Professional Global Designation. Alongside Landi Jac, he won the 2020 APAC Business Award for Conscious Leadership and the 2020 Global Presidents Award for speaking. He is on the board of three charities and has been mentioned by President Clinton for his philanthropic activities.


    Stuart Patton

    Global CEO Ace Ed-Venture Group

    Stuart has worked at Director level in UK SME's, as Corporate Business Development Director in a large private European company, and as Business Development Director in a very successful privately owned Hong Kong company. Ace Ed-Venture has been named by Cambridge University as one of the top 50 educators in the world - seven years running.

    Dr Akhil Shahani

    Managing Director Shahani Group

    Recently announced winner of Educator of the Year in India, Akhil heads various education ventures such as the Centre for Management, Ask Careers and Global Discovery Schools. He also holds the Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Fair Business Practices,  PIMR Outstanding Educationist Award and the Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award.


If you still need more proof then why not watch the

Information Briefing

  • "As a busy coach you want access to Intelligent Pathways to assist your clients when they call you with urgent matters."

  • "As a Consultant you value intelligence. Why not utilise over 80 inforgraphics with your clients to set you apart from competitors."

  • "Imagine knowing you are presenting to a high value group with something no one has seen before. We have your back :)"

    Get Started Right NOW!

    What You Being An Octopus Certified Coach Means For Your Clients

    When you become an Octopus Certified Coach your clients benefit as well. You control how much or how little of the Octopus Intelligent Pathway you use. You always remain in control. Clients may benefit by:

    • You Giving Them Access To Answers Immediately via bespoke material accredited at the highest level globally

    • Getting Access To The World Via The Octopus Tribe, a trusted network of like-minds

    • Value Ads, From Webinars To Inforgraphics To  CPD Points If Needed + + +

    The Octopus not only helps you be more profitable, more relevant and more certified, it can give your clients the answers at their fingertips, all because of YOU!



    This is the annual license fee that gives you full access to the Octopus Platform, Webinars, Masterminds, Certification, plus an annual license to all of the Octopus Intellectual Property so that you have a never ending suite of relevant tested content for your clients. There is also a $447 set up fee payable in year one.

    Get Started Right NOW!



    • Certification can take just a week if you are highly experienced or up to three months if you are new to coaching. You must complete the modules, submit your certification answers, log 30 hrs of coaching and file 10 X Video Testimonials


    • You and your clients (if you choose) can access the Edtech platform, covering 72 lessons of relevant, tried and tested non curated content gathered from over 50 countries. This gives you answers to business big questions at your fingertips with no fluff or messing around.


    • NO! You are totally in control. AS an Octopus Certified Coach we license the Octopus to you, so you can use the material, content, for all your talks, coachings, masterminds and where you see fit. (*NOTE - You cannot rebrand our content as yours. You own an annual license to use it) Many coaches urge their clients to get on the Edtech platform, be part of the webinars, get involved in the community and come to the Octopus Business Summits, because they feel it is a MASSIVE value add, to their clients for using them and gives them a huge competitive advantage.


    • There are some great certification programs. One of our founders was on the global board of one of the biggest, yet they DO NOT focus on the importance of building a profitable, sustainable coaching business. We do. We believe there is no point being a great coach if you have no one to coach because you can't position, package, market or sell.


    • This certification is appropriate for you if you are a coach, speaker, consultant or entrepreneur who wants to build a sustainable, profitable expert business that makes a difference. If you want to access the highest levels of impact intelligence for your clients, learn how to market and sell, be part of a trusted global community and get the best team for your clients, that's us.


    • Some industries require people to do 'Continuing Professional Development'. Your clients can get CPD points for using the Octopus EdTech Platform and being on webinars. How cool is that? Simply by being your client they can get compliant and it's fun for them.

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